Corporate History

December 1966

Toshinobu Azuma founds Azuma Shoten in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

September 1981

International trading operations begin (Import/Export).

June 1983

Azuma Shoten is incorporated and becomes Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan).

July 1990

Azuma Foods International Inc., U.S.A. (AFI) is established.

April 1992

AFI begins North American sales.

January 1994

AFI is relocated to a newly created manufacturing plant in Oakland, California.

January 1995

AFI obtains HACCP Certification.

April 1995

AFI acquires FDA Certification for EU exporting.

May 1995

AFI begins European Market export sales.

April 1999

AFI moves to its current home in Hayward, California.

September 1999

Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan) celebrates its 35th anniversary.
Japanese production is relocated to Komono-Cho, Mie prefecture, Japan.

July 2000

AFI marks its 10th anniversary.

June 2002

Toshinobu Azuma is appointed to Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFI.
Takahiro Tamura is named President and Chief Executive Officer of AFI.
Masahiro Arakawa accepts a position as Executive Vice President of AFI.

February 2003

AFI becomes a member of the National Association for Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT).

March 2003

Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd. (AFCC™) is established in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

June 2003

AFI opens a New York Branch in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

December 2003

AFI becomes a member of the National Food Processors Association (NFPA).

February 2005

Azuma Foods (China) Co., Ltd opens for business in Shanghai, China.

March 2005

Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan) constructs a second manufacturing plant.

June 2005

AFCC™ starts manufacturing operations in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

May 2007

AFI opens a new Sales Office in Honolulu, Hawaii.

October 2009

Azuma Foods International Inc., U.S.A. moved to the new facility in Hayward.

January 2010

Azuma Foods (China) Co., Ltd. constructs a new manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China - Azuma Foods (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

May 2010

Azuma Foods International Inc., U.S.A. celebrated its 20th anniversary.

September 2011

AFI opens Tokyo Branch in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.