Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Our customers are always our first priority, so we make every effort to ensure our products are not only of the highest quality, but are produced following stringent safety protocols. Our four person Quality Control Department has implemented a systematized HACCP checklist to ensure the safety of everything we produce. Some of the most important duties performed by QC under this system include.

Managing processing records
Conducting Tests and following up on any possible problem areas
Monitoring new products
(overall quality, shelf life, ingredient safety, etc.)
Testing regular commercial products
(periodic sampling, monitoring perishables)
Investigating of retail product claims
(when a claim is received, steps are taken immediately to discover the root of the problem and the best solution)
Regular factory sanitation inspections
(hygienic condition checks, testing food processing equipment for cleanliness tests)

Our next goal is to achieve ISO certification. With extensive training protocols in place for every employee, we are making quality control is the cornerstone of our company. AFI's proprietary HACCP system is already well on its way to being fully ISO compatible, and we are prepared to comply with any and all future regulations.

AFI QC Theory AFI QC Checklist

Quality Assurance

As the seafood market continues to grow every year, it also becomes much more competitive. To stand out from the crowd, a company has to adhere to stringent safety protocols while supplying a product that surpasses customer expectations. We listen to our customers, and it shows in the goods we deliver.

We established the Azuma Foods' Quality Assurance Department in 2006 to redistribute the duties previously handled by our Quality Control Lab. Now, Quality Control focuses entirely on food safety, and Quality Assurance ensures that our product's taste, texture, color and presentation are of the highest caliber. They make certain that we "provide the same high quality of products all the time." It may seem like an ordinary goal, but it leads to extraordinary seafood.

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