Tobikko 'Umami'

In traditional Japanese cuisine, dashi is often a key ingredients. Our Tobikko Umami are seasoned with Japanese traditional methods using dashi broth from kelp and bonito without any artificial flavors.

Shrimp Swirl Pops

Shrimp Swirl Pops

2 shrimp per skewer! Serve with your favorite sauce. Made with 100% shrimp.

Deep Fried Tofu (2cm) & (3cm)

Age Tofu is a Japanese way to serve hot tofu. Firm freezable tofu, cut into 2cm or 3 cm cubes, is lightly dusted with corn starch and then deep fried until golden brown. It is mostly served in a hot tentsuyu broth made of dashi, mirin, and sho-yu, and topped with finely chopped negi, grated daikon or katsuobushi are sprinkled on top as (Agedashi Tofu).

Kizami Anago & Kizami Anago 'Umami'

Wild-caught conger eel marinated in a sweet and savory kabayaki sauce. Commonly used in rice bowls and sushi. Great sustainable alternative to unagi

Ni Anago

Cooked Conger Eel (Ni Anago)

Similar in appearance to Unagi Eel, the Conger Eel/Anago has high nutritional value and half the fat of Unagi Eel.

Flying Fish Caviar 'Umami' (Tobikko Delight 'Umami')

AFI's Tobikko flavored with Gluten Free Soy Sauce for a savory Umami taste.