Deep Fried Tofu (2cm) & (3cm)

Product Number      40106 / 40107
Product Name        Deep Fried Tofu
Description         Frozen Fried Tofu
PKG Style           8pkg / 2.2Ibs(1kg)/cs
Shelf Life          Frozen 2years
Brand               N/A
Main Ingredients    N/A


Age Tofu is a Japanese way to serve hot tofu. Firm freezable tofu, cut into 2cm or 3 cm cubes, is lightly dusted with corn starch and then deep fried until golden brown. It is mostly served in a hot tentsuyu broth made of dashi, mirin, and sho-yu, and topped with finely chopped negi, grated daikon or katsuobushi are sprinkled on top as (Agedashi Tofu).


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