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Pearl Caviar 'Queen' Red/Black

Pearl Caviar 'Queen' Red/Black Product Number      61006/61007 
Product Name        Pearl Caviar 'Queen' 
Description         Salmon Caviar 'Queen' 
PKG Style           2box/12pkg/10.6oz(300g)/bdl 
Shelf Life          Frozen 1 year / Refrigerated 7 days
                    Product of CANADA 
Ingredients         Salmon Roe, Soy Sauce, Sweet Rice Wine,
                    Salt, Shiitake Mushroom Extract. 


Sweet, No Fishy Taste for Better Flavor and Perfect for Decoration


Suggested Menu

Pearl Caviar 'Queen' Red/Black

White meat fish and tuna appetizer with Pearl Caviar Queen on top

Pearl Caviar 'Queen' Red/Black

Shrimp Ceviche with a decoration of Pearl Caviar Queen Red