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Tilapia Belly Kabayaki (120g)

Tilapia Belly Kabayaki (120g) Product Number      50704
Product Name        Tilapia Belly Kabayaki (120g)
Description         Frozen Grilled Tilapia Belly
PKG Style           n/a
Shelf Life          n/a
Brand               My~Dõ! BRAND 
Ingredients         Tilapia, Soy Sauce, Salt, Sweet Rice Wine, Sugar


Our tilapia fish fillet is coated in a savory sauce that will make your mouth water.


Suggested Menu

Tilapia Belly Kabayaki (120g)

Over a bed of white rice, place our tilapia belly kabayaki on top of a shiso leaf for a delicious meal.

Tilapia Belly Kabayaki (120g)

Use our tilapia belly kabayaki to make a tasty roll.