The finest mother nature
has to offer

"Creating something new by combining East and West"
Azuma Foods International Inc. USA (AFI) strives to convey an "Assimilation of Food Culture to the World" by combining traditional Japanese cuisine with the world's many food traditions.

Island Style Marinated Ogo Seaweed

2020 Seafood Excellence Awards finalist!
Sustainable, vegetarian-friendly, no added color. Can be used as a side dish, garnish, appetizer, and more.

Sesame Tofu Salad
with our deep fried tofu

Ready to eat and great with any vegetarian menu.

Shrimp Swirl Pops

2 shrimp per skewer.
Serve with your favorite sauce!

Sea Salad Brand

The award-winning item Calamari Salad, Seaweed Salad, and more!


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