New Product Development

“Food culture” is becoming diversified in America as well as the rest of the world. We are responding to customers’ diverse needs in a variety of ways.

The philosophy of our commercial product development department is to develop a “new food culture.” This idea is the driving force in all our daily efforts.

While we are ever mindful of the popularity and attraction of Asian food in the market today, Azuma Foods is not limited by tradition in our continual search to develop new products. In fact, we are constantly gathering information from around the globe in order to better understand our customer’s wants and needs.

With over fifty years of experience, our research and development engineers are well suited to exceed the demands of the ever evolving dynamic that is “food culture.”

To develop the best products for our customers, we start with the finest ingredients. Our goal is to create the perfect balance between taste, quality, safety, and cost.

Azuma Foods is not only working to be a “creative group for the new food culture,” but is striving to become a leader in creating exciting taste experiences for the world.

General Description
of the Facility

20201 Mack Street, Hayward, California
Total Site Area
6.45 acre (281,000 SQF / 26,100 ㎡)
Building Floor Area
Approx. 72,000 SQF (6,690 ㎡)
Monthly Production Volume
200 – 250 tons / month
Freezer, Refrigeration Capacity
Up to 800 pallets


Kosher Certification
HACCP Compliant
GMP Certification
FDA Certification
US Department of Agriculture License
CA Shellfish Handling and Marketing Certification
US Fish and Wildlife Import, Export License
EU Export Certification