Brand Explanation

Azuma Foods International Inc. U.S.A.

Created fresh in Hayward, California, Azuma Foods International offers the best in specialty Japanese seafood. With our detailed HACCP plan and a rigorous, quality-control inspection process, the Azuma Foods® brand is a name you can trust for safety and quality.


Our Tobikko® brand offers distinct Asian-style caviar. These products are processed solely in the United States and come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. Tobikko® and Masago both have a distinctive firm texture and exciting sparkle, adding a brilliant flair to any dish.



Our Masago has a distinctive firm texture and exciting sparkle,
adding a brilliant flair to any dish.


Ichiban Delight®

Choose from a wide array of pre-made and easy-to-cook Japanese dishes. These appetizers are ready in minutes!

Ichiban Delight


Our "Takohachi" brand octopus is caught fresh and imported directly to our processing facility from abroad. We process the octopus on-site according to our customers' individual needs, so we are able to guarantee you the freshest, highest-quality product possible.


Sea Salad

Unique blends of healthy and traditional Japanese ingredients are mixed in a fusion of robust marinades. All the products under the Sea Salad Brand are produced in the United States under the strict supervision of highly-experienced professionals.

Sea Salad


The My~Dõ!® (MAHY-doh) brand represents the very best in traditional Japanese Sushi/Sashimi related products. Our sushi series items are blast frozen immediately after processing; so we are able to maintain the highest product safety standards.

In Japanese, "my do" means "every time," and it expresses thanks from the restaurant staff toward their honored customers. From Azuma Foods®, this phrase is thanking you, our customer, for your continued patronage of our products, every time you choose them.


Taste of Island Legends

Azuma Foods® has developed a variety of different sauces to complement all types of seafood using our sophisticated Oriental-ingredient blends. You can make your own special marinade or dressing using our sauce as the base.

Taste of Island Legend


Newly developed and highly anticipated azumagourmet brand products begin hitting the shelves at your local wholesale stores.
These products are Gluten free and contain no MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup.


Environmentally sustainable products©

Azuma Foods® tries to produce sustainable environmentally friendly products to maintain the quality of life on our planet. This logo is displayed on such products.

Taste of Island Legend

Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan) - (AFJ)

AFJ offers fresh and authentic Japanese seafood harvested from the abundant coastal waters of Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and the Japan Sea. By using only the finest raw materials, AFJ is able to create some of the best seafood Japan has to offer.

Sakura Brand®

Sakura Brand® products are developed and manufactured by AFJ for the overseas market. They are targeted at specific areas in countries around the world to offer unique, specialized product solutions.

Sakura Brand

Takowasa Brand®

The Takowasa Brand® is another AFJ original creation. By implementing traditional cooking techniques, AFJ is able to make truly authentic Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the sophisticated texture and innovative flavors of the genuinely Japanese Takowasa Brand®.


Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd.

AFCC® products are processed at Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd. AFCC® focuses on superior quality control and obtaining the freshest raw materials from within Canada. Their aim is to deliver the crisp and delicious flavors of the sea to all their customers.

M.A.S. (Molecular Alignment System)

The M.A.S. Freezer incorporates electromagnetic waves into the freezing process. These waves gently sway the individual molecules of the product, and hold them in alignment. Because of this rocking motion, the water molecules remain the same size, thus the damage usually caused by those molecules' expansion during freezing is significantly reduced. The M.A.S. is now approved for use in Japan and Canada.