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Flying Fish Caviar 'Orange' (Tobikko 'Orange')

Tobikko┬« 'Orange' (Flying Fish Caviar 'Orange') Product Number      82108/82344
Product Name        Tobikko 'Orange'
Description         Flying Fish Caviar 'Orange'
PKG Style           24pkg/1.1lbs(500g)/cs 
Shelf Life          Frozen 1 year / Refrigerated 7 days
Brand               TOBIKKO BRAND 
Ingredients         Flying Fish Roe, High Fructose Corn 
                    Syrup, Soy Sauce 


AFI's Classic Sushi Topping


Suggested Menu

Tobikko 'Orange' (Flying Fish Roe 'Orange')

Tobikko Orange used in a sauce on top of the delicious sushi roll. (Top: Pearl Caviar 'Black')

Tobikko 'Orange' (Flying Fish Roe 'Orange')

Tobikko Orange in White Table Cloth restaurants; topped on white-meat fish.